Sunday, August 31, 2008

After the mission there's the.....after party..?

I thought post-mission life was supposed to be hard? Ever since I've been home its been nothing but non-stop parties! Seriously...if this is all there is to it, then I think I'll be just fine. I have a feeling that the 'Gustav' of my life is about to hit come Tuesday. All my extended family will leave, The parties will end, and I'll have to look for a job. Then we'll see if I get the after mission blues. Today my friend Andrew left for BYU. In two weeks my freind Cole leaves for his mission to Brazil and pretty much everyone else is already gone. So yeah, things are looking good in the near future. (note: That last sentence was typed with considerable amounts of sarcasm)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the band wagon!

Boy my first blog! What a big day in my life. Pretty much everyone I know has a blog so I figured I might as well open up my thoughts and feelings to anyone with an internet connection. I mean even my mother has a blog. Neat huh! So I've been home from my mission for apx. 3 days now and its pretty cool. Lots of family and friends around plus I can pretty much do what ever I want with out getting in trouble. You know cool things like hang out with my friends, put videos on youtube, eat dinner with who ever I want, email. It is so neat. I miss the mission sometimes though, all my friends out there, teaching people, the rain...

Whew! Thats about all the blogging I can handle for the day

Maybe next time I'll type sosmething interesting!