Saturday, August 30, 2008

On the band wagon!

Boy my first blog! What a big day in my life. Pretty much everyone I know has a blog so I figured I might as well open up my thoughts and feelings to anyone with an internet connection. I mean even my mother has a blog. Neat huh! So I've been home from my mission for apx. 3 days now and its pretty cool. Lots of family and friends around plus I can pretty much do what ever I want with out getting in trouble. You know cool things like hang out with my friends, put videos on youtube, eat dinner with who ever I want, email. It is so neat. I miss the mission sometimes though, all my friends out there, teaching people, the rain...

Whew! Thats about all the blogging I can handle for the day

Maybe next time I'll type sosmething interesting!


Bradley & Jackie said...

Hey Man!
This is C-hustle, and im chilln' here with my bizoy Killa bee!! He's showin me his gat!!
Thats awesome you gotta blog man! Now i can keep up to date with the many epic adventures of Rob. Give me a call. or just come to the WEST SIDE and see me.
Your favorite and best companion.
Brad Larson

Bradley & Jackie said...

OH, And I also Think its worth mentioning that i am the VERY FIRST person to ever post a comment on your blog. Just remember that when you name your first son.