Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day and Hater-ade

Today was Labor day and I must say it was a good one. Started off with a few good games of raquetball at the JCCA. Followed closely by heading to the ballpark for some umpire training. Then to my Aunts house where my little bro and cousins and I had the long awaited and much anticipated wiffle ball game!!! Whoo-Hoo!!! What a show down it was. Sadly I can not claim myself as the victor. Final score Sam/Matt 8 Ed/Me 5. While there were a few questionable calls...namely Sam standing in the baseline clearly obstructing Edwards attempt to make it to first...But I'm not going sit here and complain. Then my Aunt had a BBQ for her birthday where there were a bunch of people and right after that Edward and I hit a few hills on the longboard. Right before he had a baseball game which I attended. However I did leave early so I could go shower before I went to go see THE DARK KNIGHT!!! It was a sweet movie, but I worry I had, perhaps, too high of expectations. While I loved the movie, from all the hype I had heard coupled with the anticipation from not being able to see it 'till I got home from my mission, I thought this movie would forever change my life. Not so. Good but not life changing good. Then I ran out of the movie theater to leave and go to my Bishops house cause he wanted to talk to me. It was an intense interview...I think I'm going to be called as the Elders Quorom Pres...HA jk!
Maybe to top it off was that I got a call from The Westras aka the coolest family in Seattle. So I got to talk to my girls, Tiff (Tiffany to all those not on the 'Tiff-List') and Natalie. It was Monday and they missed me not being there for Family night/Dinner. What can I say? I'm awesome. People love's just the way it goes. Seriously though it was probably my favorite thing that happened today. I love that family and it was awesome to talk to them. Sometimes I think about all the people I met on my mission. All the people I got to know and form relationships with and how sad it is when people decide not to go an a mission. For no reason in particular. Tragic is the only word I can think of to describe it, just tragic.

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Julie Westra said...

Awww, I almost just cried my eyes out!!!!!!!! I'm forever immortalized. SWEET! :) Oh, Robbie, that is so nice of you. I'm going to read this to Tiff in the morning and IT is going to be the best part of her day, no kidding. I swear, you better wait for that girl. She is going to boycott your wedding if you don't. We miss you tons and hope that you are having a blast acclimating yourself to all things post-mission. I have a bunch of pics of you and Elder Halbert on your last night together. They are so cute. I'll have to e-mail them to you. Seriously, it's not the same with you gone - I don't think anyone has worked the ward for dinners as good as you did, nor will anyone ever. I mean come on - you were hitting two families a night! Impressive. :) I swear, you will make an amazing sales guy. Or be really good at two-timing, either way. :) Tiffany did mention the other day that you had better be practicing your hula hooping skills.